Connecting with
Our Customers

A Year of Connections

2017 was a year of growth and innovation. Not only did we connect with our customers in new ways, we also kept our customers connected.

Connecting Online

The new website, launched this year, allows customers to seamlessly navigate between brands as well as shop online.

Connecting Our Products

Among apps launched this year, the NX Distributed Intelligence™ app enables users to perform setup and configuration of the NX system from a wireless smartphone or tablet.

Connecting with Our Customers via Superior Service

Throughout 2017, our customers faced heavy storms, monsoons, and hurricanes. The Hubbell Emergency Action team pulled together to deliver over five million pounds of utility products.

Connecting On the Go

Bringing charging capabilities out from the wall, Hubbell now offers charging for electric vehicles, charging along airport seats, and portable charging stations.

Connecting with Our Customers in the Field

Another app launched this year, Burndy Connect, allows customers to connect, configure, install, and locate products from anywhere, including the top of a power line.