Corporate Social Responsibility

Hubbell’s commitment to corporate citizenship is integral to our business model and embodied by our four strategic pillars: (i) serving our customers, (ii) growing the enterprise, (iii) operating with discipline and (iv) developing our people. Our company strives to make meaningful contributions to our local communities and the broader world in which we operate. We recognize the importance of establishing programs and policies that embrace the diverse nature of our stakeholders while also advancing principles that benefit our shareholders, employees, customers and communities in a socially responsible and ethical manner.

The Harvey Hubbell Foundation has been supporting local and national charities for more than fifty (50) years. The Foundation supports STEM activities, educational institutions, charities and local crisis support needs. In addition to charitable giving, our employees volunteer their time and efforts to improve their communities via the Foundation’s “Dollars for Doers” program. Through this program, Hubbell provides a matching gift program that encourages Hubbell employees to give back in a variety of ways.


At Hubbell, our employees are our recipe for success. We support and empower our employees through leadership, talent development and our reward programs, while attracting new talent through our award-winning internship programs. Hubbell has a company-wide program called “WATCH” (Women Advancing Their Careers at Hubbell). Through WATCH’s mentoring program and other training and networking events, WATCH aims to develop skills and talent throughout the enterprise, while furthering Hubbell’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.


Safety practices are integrated into all aspects of our business and we remain committed to continually improving the health and safety of our employees. We further incorporate sustainability principles into our locations to both drive efficiencies and better serve our customers, our communities and our employees. The Company has an enterprise environmental, health and safety policy. Hubbell further reviews and drives safety metrics at its locations to ensure the continued focus and primacy of safety at the workplace.


Hubbell’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics guides how our company does business. Each of our employees and directors annually certifies to the Code and we reinforce its scope and meaning through frequent educational touchpoints, manager and supervisor discussions, and messaging from our leadership. In addition to our Code, Hubbell is committed to being a responsible global citizen. Hubbell has a company-wide Global Human Rights policy and supports transparency throughout its international supply chain.